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Superior Knife Making, and Heat Treating Ovens

About Us

Welcome to BladeKiln.com

When we went Global in 2001, we were determined to offer only the highest quality ovens available.  No manufacturer could compare to Paragon Industries of Mesquite, TX.

We could not have made a better decision.  All of these years later, Paragon continues to lead the Industry with Innovative Design, Engineering, and Production Techniques.   We are prouder than ever to offer Paragons' industry best products at our always deeply discounted prices.
Paragon manufactures INDUSTRY SUPERIOR knife making and heat treating ovens. This lead us to create BladeKiln.com.  It's a whole new place on the web to showcase these awesome ovens. Come on in and have a look around!  Check out the videos, testimonials, and the outstanding selection of knife making and heat treating furnaces that Paragon has to offer. We're glad you're here!

The BladeKiln.com Team

"Forged in Fire" Judges love Paragon!

"Nothing compares with the control that I’ve gotten with my 3-zone. I know the temperatures of all three zones at the same time. I know that the back of the kiln is the same temperature as the front of the kiln."

Ben Abbot ~ "Forged in Fire" Judge

"On the show, 'Forged in Fire,' we make weapons in a very compressed time frame. The Paragon furnace has been a game changer. It's saved me an amazing amount of time."

David Baker ~ "Forged in Fire" Judge

"I can download the program and see what happened in a firing and just make sure everything was consistent. And I know that my next knife is going to be as good as my last knife. That is really important."

Ben Abbot ~ "Forged in Fire" Judge

"Not only is the kiln wonderful and reliable, but Paragon's service is fantastic. You can get someone on the phone and they will walk you through the problem. While moving my kiln around, it got bumped into some camera equipment, and parts on the kiln got dinged up. Within a couple of days they shipped new parts to me, and I was back to work."

David Baker ~ "Forged in Fire" Judge

"Great people at Paragon. My amazing kiln made by hand in Texas! I got a card with the initials of all the people involved with the creation of my kiln. Who does that anymore?"

Ben Abbot ~ "Forged in Fire" Judge

"If you're making knives professionally, time is money. If your hands aren't working, you're not making money. So having the ability to program a kiln, let it do its thing, and literally walk away and do other work is a game changer."
"Bottom line, the Paragon kiln is a good, solid product that winds up saving me a lot of time."

David Baker ~ "Forged in Fire" Judge

Paragon is a proud sponsor of YouTube creator Alec Steele. He was recently treated to a tour of the Paragon factory in Mesquite, TX. Check it out!

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